2/18/14: “What’s that like? What’s (Sidney Crosby) like as a roommate?” (X)
Hi Cee please bcan you please do me a big favor? I need for you to please repost those 2 gifts of Sidney you posted but I will need them to stay absolutely still and not move I wanna put them in my scrapbook thanx so much

Thanks for asking! Each gif is about 10-20 frames so there’s going to be 10-20 individual pics for you to choose from. I just took the liberty of choosing the 4 best for you.

You can find them here. If you want them in a different size or a different pic (so I can just send you all the frames), let me know off anon :)

for the anon who wanted the individual frames from this


@TomAWillis: #Preds captain Shea Weber. [😍]



flower tells us how he really feels about media day (◡‿◡✿)